About Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Pros

Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Pros was founded in 1985 as a division of Atlanta Flooring Design Centers.

Donny Phillips, Founder and President of Atlanta Flooring Design Centers, from the outset wanted to be a full service provider for his customers and he believed the best way to accomplish that goal was to be available at the point of purchase and continue the relationship with the cleaning and maintenance of the flooring throughout its life cycle. Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Pros was born out of that service desire and today we strive to serve our clients throughout the Metro area and beyond keeping all of your flooring, furniture and more looking its best!

Meet Our In-Home Professionals:


Meet Michael Wilkins
Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Pros Associate

Michael has been with Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Pros for 14 years now. He will make sure any surface in your home is spotless and clean! He also specializes in water damage, restoration, and biological sanitation.


Meet Daniel Waldmann
Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Pros Associate

Daniel is new to Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Pros. He is hardworking, dedicated and dependable.

Our technicians continuously participate in industry trainings throughout the year to make sure they are up to date on new trends and cleaning technologies to always be experts in the cleaning field.

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