Carpet Maintenance Guide

Planned Maintenance Program / Cleaning

A Customized Program Tailored To Meet Your Maintenance Requirements

To begin, a skilled, planned maintenance design specialist from Atlanta Carpet Pros will inspect and analyze your home, noting traffic patterns, heavily soiled areas, food areas, and more. No two maintenance programs are exactly the same as each home has different needs, problems and different requirements for how floors should be maintained. Our company representative will design a customized program that fits your specific needs and your budget. The end result will be a healthier indoor environment for your family, a sustained quality appearance, and the maximum useful life of your floors.

Step 1: Atlanta Flooring's Role In The Implementation Of The Program

  1. Customized Maps and Specific Cleaning Procedures - Our detailed program will provide you with an analysis of where, how often, and when we will be cleaning as well as our recommendations for vacuuming frequency.
  2. Interim/Appearance Maintenance Carpet Cleaning – Between deep cleanings, we will use a fast drying, appearance improvement carpet cleaning method to assure the maximum appearance level of you carpeting at all times.
  3. Restorative/Intensive Carpet Cleaning Procedures – For each deep clean, we will use a high performance hot water extraction carpet cleaning procedure utilizing truck mounted. This deep, thorough cleaning will maximize the extraction and removal of soil, bacteria, allergens, and pollutants from you carpeting to provide a RESIDUE FREE, safer, healthier, cleaner indoor environment.

Step 2: Your Role In A Successful Planned Carpet Maintenance Program

  1. Use of Walk Off Entry Mats - Install, and maintain effective walk off entry mats to help control soiling. Our company can assist you in choosing and maintaining proper walk off mats.
  2. Maintenance of Flooring Areas - Regular sweeping or washing of hard surface areas leading into the home.
  3. Changing HVAC Air Filters and Regular Maintenance of the HVAC System - This reduces the amounts of pollen, dirt, animal hair and other particles that may settle into the carpeting.
  4. Vacuum Frequently - Well planned and consistent vacuuming is essential to any flooring maintenance program. High traffic areas should be vacuumed daily to remove damaging dry soil. We'll help you design an effective schedule and provide advice on the best vacuums for your floors.
  5. Spot and Stain Treatment and Removal - Immediate attention must be given to any spills or drops onto the carpet. If attended to in a timely manner chances for success of complete removal are significantly improved.

The Value Of Planned Maintenance

Investment Protection

Flooring is a large investment for your home, and your purchase of high quality flooring to create a comfortable and pleasing home environment should be protected. When you maintain your investment properly, according to the manufacturer's specifications and recommendations, it will perform as intended. Preserving the color, aesthetics, style, acoustics, safety, and insulation factors will lead to longer life and a more beautiful home.

Appearance Management

Your floors always looks good. You don't have to worry if company just drops by—your home is always at its best.

A Healthier Indoor Environment

Provides a cleaner, healthier indoor environment by improving air quality.

Reduce or Control "Ownership Costs"

Since regular cleaning will prolong the useful life of the floor, it is cheaper to maintain and clean your flooring than it will be to replace it. Over the lifetime of your home, you will spend less and enjoy more!

Our technicians have been trained and certified through intensive courses from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

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