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Founded in 1985 a division of Atlanta Flooring Design Centers to service all of our customer’s needs.

Specializing in the care and maintenance of residential carpet and commercial carpeting as well as area rugs, ceramic tile & grout, upholstery cleaning, and water removal. We strive to meet our clients' needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our IICRC certified Pros will handle any job of any size. We also specialize in Pet Odor Removal and Hard Surface Cleaning, keeping your home fresh, clean and CHEMICAL FREE while creating a safe and healthy environment.


Why you should clean your carpets before they look dirty - 

Soils as soft as dust and hard as sand get into the base of the fibers as well as on top and act as sandpaper would, grinding into the face fibers and slowly wearing away the ability to reflect light which makes your carpet look dingy and dark. Once this starts happening it is harder to restore the fibers to their like new condition. This is why frequent vacuuming and yearly cleaning is essential. Body oils from our fur babies and bare feet also dull the fiber's ability to reflect light and can only be removed by powerful hot water extraction and products designed for specific soil and fiber types. 


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