Area Rug Cleaning

Many area rugs can be an expensive investment and the only "carpet" in the home. They are designed to be an eye catching centerpiece! They also act a a filter for your environment and can collect a lot of dust, dander and allergens. The best way to keep them looking great is to regularly have them professionally cleaned at least once a year. 

On-Site Cleaning

We clean area rugs on site with our powerful hot water extraction system when conditions allow. We will evaluate the rug fiber, colorfastness, condition of the rug and fringes. We then remove all dry particulate soils, pre-treat with IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restorations Certification) approved methods, extract and rinse leaving your rugs clean and CHEMICAL FREE!!! 


Drop-Off Available

When needed, we will bring your area rug back to our cleaning facility to thoroughly saturate them in a pre-treatment for pet decontamination or other issues. Our industry leading equipment allows us to completely flush the rug and extract at the same time, ensuring we get all dirt and odor remnants completely cleaned out.

We then rinse and deodorize your area rug, dry it on a drying rack with fans to eliminate the chance for mold and mildew, roll them up and wrap them in plastic to safely return your rug to you. We can even lay them back out for you! 

We also have a drop off/pick-up location for anyone who wishes to do so. 

Dupont Teflon Advanced Carpet Protectant

Teflon(tm) carpet protector forms an invisible shield around each fiber, which resists soil and stains. It uses the latest DuPont technology to provide more repellency than any other carpet protector. It repels most liquids, allowing spills to be removed before staining and wicking can occur. Dirt and stains cling to untreated carpet and quickly become embedded in the fibers. Teflon(tm) carpet protector keeps dirt from sticking to the fibers, making carpets easier to care for.

Without this additional layer of protection your area rug will slowly be damaged from the inside out. This allows your area rugs to look and smell better for a longer lifetime.

Tips to Prepare For Your Cleaning

  • Remove small items and breakables from the tops of furniture that will need to be moved

  • Have miscellaneous items picked up off the carpet

  • Vacuum carpet within 24 hours of appointment

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