Specialty Services

Dryer Vent Cleaning

According to the U.S. Fire Administration’s National Fire Data Center, approximately 15,000 fires occur every year due to issues with clothes dryers such as clogged or dirty dryer vents. Having a clogged dryer vent is also a major cause of dangerous Carbon Monoxide gases entering the home.

It can also lead to higher utility bills as it takes longer for your clothes to dry therefore costing you more money in the long term. Please ask us about having your dryer vent checked! We can help protect your home and family as well as cut utility costs by thoroughly cleaning your dryer vent today!

Black Light Inspection

Real Estate Agents:

Many people have pets in the home at one time or another. Pets have accidents that quite often go unnoticed. Is your client buying a house and you wish to know if the carpets have pet urine in them? Are they allergic to pet dander and need to know if the home they are buying or had pets? Let us come and check the carpet with our PROFESSIONAL GRADE BLACK LIGHT to give peace of mind about what is in the carpets!


Has a tenant moved out and you suspect they had a pet that damaged the carpets? We can check for pet urine with our PROFESSIONAL GRADE BLACK LIGHT so you can proceed with the proper protocol to ensure the environmental safety of future tenants. Once we have pinpointed the issues we can advise whether carpets need replacing and assist you with the purchase of new flooring or clean and treat the carpet and subfloor as needed. Call today to ask about our services!

Protection Application:

Are you a designer or homeowner? Have you or a client recently purchased a beautiful new area rug or piece of upholstered furniture and just need PROTECTANT applied to ensure the clean-ability and lifespan of your investment? Call today to ask about our services!


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